Pantry Closet Re- DO!

We are soon selling our condo to move in to our over a year long renovated home in the burbs. How I long for that, but until then we are going though project by project to really make this home stand out against others that may go on the market at the same time. This will be the third home I've sold and I am a firm believer in the details and a fully finished project make all the difference. My homes sold above market and I was under contract within 3 days of hitting the MLS. So lets jump right in to the first project to get our home sold. 


The pantry:


LARGEST Set of 52 Pc Food Storage Containers (26 Container Set) Shazo Airtight Dry Food Space Saver w Interchangeable Lid, 14 Measuring Cups + Spoons, Labels + Marker - One Lid Fits All - Reusable

I purchased these food containers for $89 it's a 26 piece set and we take it with us. Showing a home buyer how organized a home could be is a real thing. Plus looking at an over crowded unorganized space brings on stress and that's not the feeling we want to give our buyer. 


I bought 4 of these for $12 each, I could actually use more of these but for now this will have to do! My plan is to put one on each shelf in the corner spaces. This will maximize the space.


This over the door storage shelf is an easy addition! We can utilize it to store items that have not been opened, like pasta sauces, vinegars, extra drinks, etc. I'll use this space to only store sightly items. Organizing by type, size and color. It may not be something most people think of as decorative but some of these items evoke an emotional response. High end / organic / eco friendly products neatly, minimally organized create a positive emotional reaction. Thats what we are looking for! 

Match your demographic! Our townhome is in the city, Tampa has quickly become a eco conscious, artistic, young professional, active lifestyle community. Acknowledge and embrace the cultures around you to embrace the beauty in the differences all around us!