About me!

Passion, admiration, love, and a desire to help women keep my dream alive. A passion for real estate and fashion is a more likely pair than one may think. Real estate in its architectural design and a freshly drawn silhouette compliment nicely.

My story of how I became interested in Multifamily real estate is still a fond memory of mine. As a young sibling of 3 girls, visiting my father on the weekends. We would often ride our bikes around his apartment community. We’d go in to the leasing office for warm cookies and to play pool. You’d think the office staff would be thrilled with 3 kids just hanging around (sarcastic tone). Quite the opposite, they were happy to see us, greeting us with fresh cookies and popcorn. My focus turned to their outfit's they were all dressed up, in business attire! Wearing nice slacks and a blouse or dresses and heels. I envied them, dressed up, in different looks everyday. The fun of dressing in up, creating new looks daily in business looks lasted a long while before it completely took over. 

Additionally, I found so much joy in helping calm my new residents. Speaking to them about how to make a normally stressful situation (moving) easy! People leave my office feeling cared for and trusting I have their best interests in mind.

Many years working as a single working mom, I dreamt of having a flexible business where I made the rules. Dreaming of putting my son through private school, having more time to stay home when he was sick, and go on the class trips. Little did I know that while searching for a “side hussle” I would open up such a passion. Something I could do while he was sleeping, at school and even there with me. I discovered an online marketplace where you could purchase wholesale lots of clothing to retail for a profit. Quickly bought a domain name and started listing things for sale! Long story short and after much trail and error Lala She Boutique has grown to be a profitable online retailer. 

My goal is and has always been to share clothing that will uplift and enrich other women's lives. A new outfit is more than a thing, it's a feeling. A feeling of confidence, power and happiness. Walking past a reflection and standing tall, feeling like you could walk in any room and command attention to what YOU have to say. It's about the feeling, the vibe, the positivity spread is a ripple in an ocean that can touch many lives. Spread the love, kindness, joy, acceptance, creativity, be different and love those for their differences. 

All the love, 
Lauren ✌